A Partner in managing your wealth

We are sure you would agree that continuity of advice is a rare thing. What we hear from new clients clearly suggests that they all like to be able to build a strong ongoing relationship with their advisers.

The Forbes Practice is very much about continuity, and longevity. When you become a client you tend to stay a client. It is very much a relationship that we want to maintain over the long term this ensures continuity and stability of the planning that is put in place.

When you become a client you will form part of the practice community which means you will get looked after by the whole practice, which ensures delivery of service on an ongoing basis.

Becoming a client is not however a one sided affair, some clients are more proactive than others however in order to get the most out of our working relationship, we should be your first port of call with regard to your financial decisions. We believe that the more you put into your relationship with ourselves as advisers, the more benefit you will get out, make sure we do not become a wasted asset.

From time to time depending on the advice you require, we may refer you to a specialist who has been carefully chosen to offer advice to our clients in a particular field.

The range of experience we have, used in conjunction with our specialist team, enables us to develop effective strategies in managing your wealth and financial affairs, on an ongoing basis.