14 December 2021

Reflecting on 2021

As we enter the end of 2021 I am reflecting on not only the past year but probably the last two, as we have certainly all experienced a world of change.

In the last 12 months my wife and I have become parents, it’s almost a year since our two girls arrived and since then our lives have certainly become different. Their arrival was abrupt, so much so, there was no time for Christmas sign offs or parties, and I took 6 to 8 weeks off direct contact with clients and work as a whole.  Unheard of for me, as work has always been a huge part of my life.  But as one great man said “A man should never neglect his family for business.” — Walt Disney

It has, however been a huge change and a challenge.  Life has taken on a whole new meaning and seen through different eyes, puts a whole new perspective on things.  I still remain completely committed to the business as I love what we do for clients, their businesses and families and the impact it has, now and on an ongoing basis.  It all has more relevance now we have a family of our own.

So here is a thank you from me to you all, for baring with us in the transition we have made in adopting our new life over the last 12months.

It’s been a year of two halves, full of joy and excitement, but then in the summer, my mother in law’s health declined and she sadly passed in October and we were thrust into and new challenge which meant a further realignment of priorities.  Never have I seen the reality of the fragility of life both at the beginning and end. 

It makes you want to make the most of everyday, make everything count.

My conversations with clients over this period have been interesting.  I feel we have all made discoveries or realigned priorities in terms of what we all want from our lives.  I have questioned peoples motives, what they value and what have been their greatest challenges through the strange period that Covid -19 has presented to us all.

Answers have been interesting and thoughtful.  The planning we have initiated for our clients and continue to support, has become more relevant as clients, in general, are feeding back how important their plans for the future are. Goals and objectives are becoming more relevant and you, as clients, want to understand if you are on track or not.  ‘Have we got enough?’ is a common question, and one we will be spending more time on in further communications.

The subject of values and really drilling down to what is important to you in terms of objectives has become more of a topic of conversation, which is great to hear from you all and we invite more of these types of interactions.

It is apparent that our clients value time, choice, freedom and security.  This is what money means to some of you.  It’s the planning we create that gives transparency of the outcomes we are planning towards and delivering on, as you all go through your respective journeys.

Over the Christmas period I encourage you all to reflect on what is important to you as this will help make planning relevant and allow us to align future plans to your goals and objectives.

Regular annual reviews are still important, and I have seen or spoken to most of you in the last 12-18 months.  Please continue to make time for these important meetings as it’s here we can continue to keep ourselves updated with your affairs and ensure plans remain on track and are still aligned to what you say is important to you.

Dramatic changes happen within our investment and planning journeys, but we see this as simply part of the life cycle of being an investor.  We have seen many events happen over the last 20 or so years, whether it’s a gulf war, credit crisis, oil crisis, trade wars, the list is endless.  These all have an effect on the rate at which markets, and investments go up or down.  

One thing that never changes however is the need for consistent financial advice and guidance to help you navigate your way through and help you deliver on your chosen objectives and outcomes.  We want to continue to support you through these periods, therefore don’t wait for your annual review to make contact if you need support.  Our team are always here to help you as and when you need it.

We continue to try to find ways to make your client experience better.  We have recently taken on board new software Called Voyant. We will be introducing this to you next year as this will help bring some of the current planning you have in place to life, help you visualise the effect of everything you currently do or decisions you are thinking of making.  This gives us the ability to create a financial cashflow timeline and will help you see where you are in terms of hitting your objectives.  It’s a powerful piece of planning software that we are excited to introduce to you as and when relevant.

As you can see much has been happening behind the scenes largely driven by enhancing the experience you receive as a client and maintaining our high levels of service and support.

We wish you and your families a happy and healthy Christmas, and look forward to seeing you all again next year

By Matthew Forbes

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