Senior Partner Practice of
St. James's Place Wealth Management

Matthew Forbes,
Founder and Principal

I am Founder and Principal of Forbes Financial, which I started in 2008.

I grew up in financial services, as my father ran a successful firm which I then joined at aged 21, which does seem a long time ago now. The experience provided me with extensive exposure and dealings with all aspects of financial planning and, following in my father’s footsteps, I then chose to pursue a career in financial services. Working with people to deliver advice and support was the greatest appeal to me.

Having now been an adviser for over 22 years that appeal has grown even stronger, as my expertise has developed greatly over the years. My depth of knowledge has increased in all key areas such as tax planning, onshore / offshore investing and inheritance tax planning. I have also committed to further developing my professional standing by taking advanced exams which will provide me with the highest level of qualification in my field as a Chartered Financial Planner. Not only will this add personal value for me, but more importantly for my clients.

I am driven by a desire to develop long term and trusted relationships with our clients. Our regular review process is key to ensuring that we always understand a client’s position. This enables both myself and the wider team towards meeting their continuing needs and to help deliver their desired outcomes. No client is the same, and I continue to enjoy the challenge of analysing a client’s unique position and designing an appropriate plan that aims to deliver on their desired outcomes for the future.

Most advisers have a similar tool box, in terms of what products they can use to deliver successful outcomes. Over the 22 years of advising clients, I have learnt ways in which to use these tools perhaps in different ways in order to create maximum efficiency. This, in turn, has aided me in delivering successful results. The team work hard to remain at the cutting edge, by deploying advice using new and innovative planning solutions, products and services.

As our world becomes increasingly automated, I am a firm believer that face to face advice and human interaction is of key importance. Both myself and the team who support you want to ensure you feel individually valued and supported. Whenever the need or wish arises, we want you to feel confident that you can pick up the phone and call us.

Natalie Forbes,
Operations Director

I have worked within the Financial Services Industry for over 17 years. In 2018 I achieved my professional qualification with the Chartered Insurance Institute and I have a Level 4 Diploma in Financial Planning. Although this would qualify me to give advice, I do not advise for the Practice as my strengths and focus within the business remain in the operational and technical arena.

Since starting my career I have built up a significant level of experience in both running a Practice and working within the Advisory and Administrative areas including Paraplanning. The paraplanning work requires an in depth understanding and knowledge of the products which the Advisers in the Practice recommend. This part of my role includes researching products, analysing data and preparing the technical recommendation reports.

Currently my main role at Forbes Financial Ltd is Operations Director where each day varies as I oversee many aspects of the business including Team compliance, making sure we follow best Practices and adapting to new changes in regulation. As well as overseeing the general running of the office, I also manage our administration team and support them with training and coaching. My role keeps me involved with paraplanning and client servicing matters, where one of my main goals is to ensure we all provide quality service to our clients and deliver this on a consistent basis.

As my position has evolved and does involve overseeing a variety of areas within the business I am delighted that we have a new addition to our team. In October 2018 we welcomed Melanie Denman as our Practice Manager.

Melanie will be taking over my practice management roles, which will then allow me to concentrate on the Paraplanning and where I will be overseeing this part of the business.

The need for extra support was identified due to a number of extra areas the Practice needs support with, as our team has grown over the years, and also due to regulatory changes which has resulted in additional reporting needs. Over the coming months Melanie will be taking over some of my working hats!

Why do I enjoy working in Financial Services?
Each day is different and offers something new which keeps the role interesting and challenging. I like to help and look after the clients of the Practice to make sure their needs are met.

Melanie Denman,
Practice Manager

I joined Forbes Financial in October 2018 having worked in the financial services industry for over 11 years. I have a Level 4 Diploma in Financial Planning, but like Natalie I have chosen not to advise. I also hold a and a Certificate in Global Financial Compliance.

I have held a variety of roles mainly supporting client advisers, on boarding new clients and ensuring regulatory compliance. All this experience has provided me with a solid technical understanding of the industry and regulation, and more importantly, an understanding that clients are best served when they are regarded as unique individuals with their own specific needs.

Forbes Financial offer that very professional and personal service and I am pleased to have joined them in the capacity of Practice Manager where I will provide support for the daily running of the practice to ensure a seamless and compliant experience for our clients.

Why do I enjoy working in financial services?
I enjoy a challenge, and an ever-changing regulatory landscape definitely provides that. There is always something new to learn to keep you on your toes.

Additionally it’s very rewarding to be involved in the process of helping a client successfully negotiate a way through the minefield of financial planning and management.

Emma Atkins,
Practice Paraplanner

During my career I have worked in the legal, banking and financial sector for a period of nearly 22 years. I joined Forbes Financial Ltd in March 2016 and have completed the St. James’s Place Paraplanner Accreditation Programme I am now studying to become CII Diploma qualified.

I work as a Paraplanner and part of my role involves working with the advisers of the Practice, Matthew and Nick where I assist them with their analysis and reports, which form part of their recommendation, covering all areas of their advice such as pensions, investments, estate planning and protection. I also carry out research for specific needs, prepare the annual review documents and assist with client servicing matters.

I am highly organised, have an analytical mind and enjoy client interaction when I am not drafting reports!

Why do I enjoy working in financial services?
The recommendations for clients are put together on the basis of the client’s best interest which gives a sense of reward where we are helping the client improve their financial position.

The financial services is an ever changing industry which allows my personal development to progress on an ongoing basis.

Dawn Mackay,
Senior Financial Planner Administrator

I joined Forbes Financial Ltd in September 2017, bringing a depth of knowledge from my 18 year career within the Financial Services Industry. I have previously held a variety of managerial, advisory and administrative roles and am pleased to now be part of the multi-talented Forbes Financial team that strives to deliver exceptional customer service to all clients.

My knowledge and experience enables me to support clients with technical servicing queries across all product areas, from taxation planning considerations associated with a withdrawal to organising Trust documentation. Additionally I assist the team with all aspects of business processing including application submissions, product research and report writing.

I have a Certificate in Financial Planning and also a Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice. Along with Natalie and Melanie I have also chosen not to advise. Additionally I am studying with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Why do I enjoy working in Financial Services?
I enjoy working within Financial Services and as part of customer focused team. My role is extremely varied and no two days are ever the same! Looking to the future, I hope to commence further study this year, particularly in the areas of taxation and pensions.

Thomas Hollamby,
Financial Administrator

I joined Forbes Financial in May 2018, having previously worked at a different St. James’s Place Partner Practice for 8 months. Prior to starting my working career I studied for a Degree in Forensic Science at the University of Kent. Since achieving my Degree I decided to embark in a career in Financial Services.

I am the Financial Administrator at Forbes Financial Ltd. My role involves assisting the advisers and paraplanners with client administration, client servicing queries and general office administration roles. I will be the friendly voice you will hear when you call into our offices.

I am currently studying for a Diploma in Financial Planning, eventually training to become a Paraplanner.

Why do I enjoy working in financial services?
As I am relatively new to the financial services industry, there is a lot to learn. I enjoy the fact that every day there are new challenges.

Forbes Financial have supported me with my transition from Forensic Science to Financial Services; and where they continue to help me grow and develop my knowledge of the business and wider industry.